The Picnic

The Picnic, a specially curated and by appointment alternative picnic experience. As part of an excursion, we seek to explore the obscure places with an unfamiliar taste and yet still laying in comfort.

The Picnic was born out of the collaboration between my new studio (Piknik) and Silke Schmickl, a curator and film maker. In this project, she has prepared a series of German breakfast to serve as an alternative breakfast experience in the Singapore context. 

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Non-site-specific Tearoom

A self-initiated project to explore the alternative purpose of a space, in hoping to blur the boundary of a private and public space by turning it into a tranquil tearoom.

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Site-specific Tearoom- The Niche Tearoom

As part of the closing event for Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija’s bamboo maze installation at the roof garden of National Gallery Singapore, the Niche Tearoom has been set up within the maze. This tearoom was also a collaboration with Singapore film maker Daniel Hui’s “The House of Cinema”. 

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Mitä Kuuluu

An on-going initiative that accommodates different practices, built on the belief in blurring of art and life, art as life.

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Flower from the Crack

Deliberate arrangements of elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.Inspired by a writing from a zen master, this work was transitional, composed with perishable objects such as cakes, tea and drinkable pods, and being placed on top of a series of “falling” plinths. The guests were invited to consume them.

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Ubies Online Gallery, Japan

A collaboration with Ubies Online Gallery.

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